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If you are receiving tax notifications, you may reconsider ignoring it.  Typically, most government entities are on your side and eager to have your account in good standing. Even if your company realizes that some years may be considered late, there are many options available to complete any missing documentation on your terms, file your reports, and settle on a payment arrangement (If any). 

If your Business is NEW and you still have not set up an Accounting Software and Record Keeping process, Cal-Inde Bookkeeping Company can do it for you.  We offer the best quality Chart Of Accounts for your business, in a format that makes perfect sense to you - The Small Business Owner. 

For Large Corporations whom have information showing up on Standard Reports that are formal and required for CFO and CEO Analysis - We offer a complete Accounting CLEAN Up package that can mend this problem.
This way your Managerial and Financial Meetings can run more efficiently with less non collaborated information.


The Book Builder


We specialize in complete Accounting Software build ups.
Cal-Inde Bookkeeping Co. creates an entire chart of accounts that is designed to meet your business and industry type. 
We fit your accounting package to work with you and your staff.

Prior year tax projects include preparing financial statements for prior years,
allowing you to file taxes for any of the government agency: IRS, State, EDD or SBOE.
Including Workers Compensation Audit Premium Billings or Disputes.

Accounting Services:

   $Book Builder
   $Bookkeeping / Record-Keeping
   $Financial Statements including Profit and Loss with Balance Sheet
   $Audit and Tax Examination Reporting
   $Bank Reconciliations
   $Sales Tax Returns
   $Property Tax Statements
   $Payroll Record-Keeping
   $Payroll Processing Company
   $Budgeting and Forecasting
   $Cash Flow Projections
   $1099 Accounting and Reporting

   While your business may find necessary for exact and accurate record keeping, Cal-Inde Bookkeeping Services completes your accounting tasks and organizes your financial records completely. By doing this timely, efficiently and effectively - We help create an environment for the Small Business owner to be able to concentrate on the matter of operating your business and generating profits. Leaving the worry and burden of jaded financial accountability and misrepresented records. 

Gas Stations Payment Center.

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Each year we service and help many small businesses continue to grow and be compliant, which increases their business profits. 

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